Monday, 26 December 2011

happy new year

tere tere,

I hope you all had a big fat sweeeeeeeet X'mas.
just to leave you my best wishes for 2012. this is the year I hope I can meet some (if not all) of you! oh and let me tell you I have spoken to Julka. she is alive and kicking, living right next to the Kremlin!

this is just a small video that an estonian friend shared with me to wish Happy Xmas. and I here share it with you! is good to know that there are other EVS people doing nice stuff!!

miss you
musi musi


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

People, once again i've been looking through a couple of folders in my computer and i found this in a folder called "look at this when u r sad" ;)

C#m F#m

I'm sitting here in Tallinn’s ghetto

Outside the sun’s shining and if not, there’s snow

I'm enjoying my time

I got so much to do

I'm a volunteer here,

Just like you

C#m Bm C#m F#m

And everybody loves it - it’s our EVS

C#m F#m

I'm driving around in 67 or -8

It’s the ticket checkers

That I really hate

I'd like to live at Baltijaam

Or sleep in the bus-stop,

Where it is quite warm

C#m Bm C#m F#m

But still we really love it - our SVE!


I wonder how


I wonder why

F#m C#m

Yesterday we all arrived, but time flew by,


And all that I can see is just a brilliant SVE


With easy jet it goes up and down

F#m C#m

We’ll be flying, flying, flying, visiting around


And I just cannot wait for Portugal 2008!

C#m F#m C#m F#m C#m Bm C#m F#m

C#m F#m

You’re getting up,

You miss the power

You have to go work after taking a shower

But there's a heavy pain inside your head

Drank too much

Before you went to bed

C#m Bm C#m F#m

That’s what usually happens - it’s called EVS.

B C#m F#m

Volunteering is quite good for me

B C#m F#m

Volunteering - I’m glad that we all did an SVE!

We’ve seen a lot, always on our way

Lately what’s important is mosquito-spray

And we can go on like that - let’s go visit us! ^_^

I wonder how

I wonder why

Yesterday we all arrived now it’s good-bye

And all that I can see is just a brilliant SVE

With easy jet it goes up and down

I’ll be flying, flying, flying, visiting around

And I just cannot wait for Portugal 2008!

Monday, 13 June 2011


guys, i just found this amazing little piece of computerized memory on my flash-drive. and almost started crying. not just almost, actually. ;)
i don't know if anybody still checks in here, i haven't for months, even though i think about us often. so i'll post this on facebook as well, just in case.
i miss our estonian family and hope you are fine and leading very, very happy lives, wherever you are.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Estonia connecting people

tere tere my dears!!

here is my contribution to our brainstorming, next wednesday!
to the readers we might have: this is just the beginning, just one ideia to a brinstorming that will lead us to somethign bigger.... we'll let you know!! =)

* before becoming an EVS volunteer what were your thoughts about foreign people in your country?
before going abroad I didn't pay that much attention to foreigners in my country. I grew up (and I still live) in a social neighborhood where a lots of people from the portuguese ex-colonies live. so, I guess I was used to different looking people and never questioned myself much about it. about a decade ago, when Portugal started to receive a lot of slavic immigrants, i guess there was a collective feeling towards these people. I thought they were cold, hard working and not so much into mingle. never had much contact, so I guess I dindt had many ideas about them.
i guess is truth if I say that before going abroad I had the most commom prejudice about foreign people, the ones you dont really realize. you know, like when you watch your purse as you see a gipsy....

* at that time, before going abroad, how did you define yourself?
as a portuguese, only. i guess at that time I knew me to be curious and tolerant. I would define myself as a fearless young portuguese female with few knowledge about Europe and World history. I was always very interested in people and their stories, but I guess I was a bit limited and indiferent. at that time i would define myself as a tipical middle class portuguese interested in studying, travelling, nostalgic and attached to home, girl!

* in wich point of your life, when, did you decided to go abroad, to become an EVS volunteer? and why?
I decided cause one day I realized I was 23, had finnish my studies and was working already. I had a settled life even before I had a chance to live it! It came to my mind that i needed to go abroad and experience the world a bit, i needed to met new people, to put myself in a different position. I wanted to go, so that I could see if I could make it, if I could had a diferent job, live another life, experience the world in a diferent way. I though: "if I stay, i'll be married, pregnant and paying a mortgage in less than 2 years"...

* how did it feel to be a foreigner?
it felt weird and good, bad and sweet... most of all it felt a new thing everyday. I felt I was learning everyday something new, either it was a new word or a new way to cook or how to lower my defenses. i guess the hardest part of being a foreigner was being obliged to not take for granted the things (right or assumptions) I took in Portugal. I didn't thought of myself as being different before, and having to admit that i was, in another context, made me think a lot. being a foreigner showed me how much of a portuguese I was, in which ways I related to my people the most. It also showed me that being diferent is good, is what makes you unique, what unites and separates you from the rest of the world.
of course at many moments being a foreigner just sucked! not understanding the surrondings and the cultural, historical and social contexts were I guess my biggest handicaps. but again, it was a major oportunity to learn, to absorv, to enlarge my points of view. at the same time, the lack of knoweledge from other people towards me gave the oportunity to talk about my country and culture, like a seller selling a diferent point of view.

* what do you think that estonian people were thinking about you? what do you think were local's impressions about you?
at first sight, I guess people noticed me as foreigner for being dark hair, skin and eye colour, and also loud and fat! when you look diferent from the majority (if and when there is a majority of people looking the same) it's impossible not to be noticed... so, people that did not know me it's hard to guess what were their thoughts... i like to believe that people looked at me as a friendly foreigner, with curiosity instead of prejudice.
the locals that got to know me told me I was afectuous, loud and touching people a lot. i guess I was thought about as a latin mama!

* how do you define yourself now? can you say what have changed? are you the same person that came back from Estonia at the first moments, or time has made you realize you'r different?
now I would say that I am an european young lady. i am much more aware and interested in european (and world) issues. i believe to be more tolerant and capable of understanding the other people. most of all, now I can realize what diferences are cultural, and therefore not likely to be discussed. I dropped the regular prejudices that everyone has about everyone who's diferent or at least I really try to!!
at the same time I guess I am less aware to diferences, cause it seems like i accept it better, not noticing it so much! It's hard to explain, but i guess I started to look to people more like as all pieces from the same puzzle, instead of pieces from different puzzles.
i am diferent, most of all, because I feel more t be a part of something bigger than my country. I realized that people that I thought to be completly oposite than me can actually be my friends, cause, despite of all differences, we always have something in common, you just have to find it! i guess i became less individualistic and more eager into mingle in the crowd...

* in wich way do you think that cultural exchange can led people to loose their national/cultural identity?
it cant, I guess. in regular conditions, I mean, when one is not forced to be in a foreign country, when it is a choice, you just have to accept the difference in order that your difference is accepted as well. i strongly believe that cultural exchange can only be a profitable business. instead of the "melting pot" theory, I believe that the cultural exchange is a "salad bowl". you have different ingredients in order to create something unique, where you can still taste each different flavour. accepting the differences can be a good feature of your national identity! i easily understand that locals have hard time to accept foreigners. all changes, all differences have a hard time coming trough. but it is possible to maintain your identities (national, cultural, linguistic, etc) and still share it with others.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Ola !

How are you ??
I didn't take time to write a mail after my holidays.
I went with Flavien to the Pyréennés and we walk between Hendaye and Saint Jean Pied de Port.
I was very very nice.
You will see that in picture :-)
Spend nice holidays

Musi musi


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Summer in the city.........

Hey party-people!

So, as it sure ist summer already(I'm melting away over here in Germany!!) and everyone ist thinking of vacation I have a new option for you:


I just got the confirmation for my internship last week and it's going to be in Budapest for the whole of August.

I'm so freaking excited about that, so now i have something nice to dream about during lectures ;-)

this also means, that I probably won't be able to join in the tour-d'europe plans during August, but it was my plan to do some travelling afterwards.
AND you can join me here as well if u want to!
I'll be stayin in a students dorm,so not space for luxury-matresses but as I remember Russia: we don't need much place to sleep anyway ;-)

an Sziget-Festival in in August as well! Thank god, that apparently I don't have te really work much at all.....more time for "intercultural experiences" :-D

So...come come!

I know Lee has some travel plans for quite a while now, but about the one knows.

It would be so great to meet anyone of you during the summer, which ever way.

It's been way way too long.

MUSI Barbara

Thursday, 13 May 2010


in order to prevent this blog from dying, here it is a small sample of the last weekend! Lena came to Portugal for a trainnig and here we are

so, we did not had mush time together, but the most important is that we were together!! and some things never change!!

musi musi

Friday, 5 February 2010

Happy birthday =)

Happy birthday GG and Ben!!!

I wish you guys all the best, plus some more love and luck! Actually I ain't sure of it's really Ben's Bday today, but I guess it is... anyways, You are always with me and for you I wish nothing less that I wish for my self! For us, now, I just wish that August comnes fast so that we can meet =)

a million musi

Monday, 18 January 2010

Xmast trip

Tere tere
As most of you know, I was in Finland for Xmast.
I went there with my parents to see my sister. She was doing an erasmus semester.
It's remember me a lot Estonia, the snow, the countryside, sauna, walking on the lake, eat fazer chocolat...
It was funny to understand some words.... I was better than my sister in finish lol !!!

The Faser's shop advent calender !!!

Hope to see you soon

Musi musi


Monday, 21 December 2009

your EVS family loves you

tere tere Kallis!

i am just writting to thank you all involved in my Xmas present that : I LOVE IT!!!! i know xmas is just on the way, but I guess I already got the best present!!

for the ones who have no clue on what I am talking about: last friday I got a very special mail in my box! a beautiful 2010 calendar made with pictures of you guys! well, of us!!! almost everyone is there! there are pictures of some sauna parties, trips, chocolate cakes, vabaduse paev, sledging in Kumu... Vaga ilus, Extra ilus, ilus ilus ilus!! and on the first page, where there is a picture of St. Petersburg (by the beach), one can read

your EVS family loves you

and I love you too guys! this was the best present I could get: a love letter to read everyday of 2010! my english is gettin rusty and I cant express it better, but I am really thankfull for this gift! and a very special thanks to Aude, who made the whole deal and posted it! aitah aitah!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Some news from France

Tere tere lovely people,
I don't forget you but you know time spend to fast...
and nothing happens on my life but i'm looking every day our blog.

Nothing change about my work, every 2 mounths they make me a new contrat but I don't know how it will work.

Even if I didn't travel abroad, I went to see some people in France, so I will show you some pictures. First I went to Marseille (raynair start to have some direct fly only in France) and second to Orléans (it's in the south of Paris) and my next trip is to Finland. I will go there for Christmas to see my sister.

The Calanques

Somewhere in Marseille

Les îles du Frioul (it's just in front of Marseille)
Have a nice end of week-end and see you soon.
Musi musi
Audé !

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

we are still alive in Tallinn!!

Tere tere loving people

how are your lives going?? this blog is about to die if you dont upload it!! =P
i am writting to share with you something that made me truly happy! ytou may know I interrupt mu blog cause of my mum's desease. Last week, after very good news I decided to put my blog back on track. the first comment I got was from a Portuguese girl, EVS volunteer in Tallinn!!!

I translate


I spent several hours reading your blog!! Since the day I knew I was coming to Tallinn also on and I found this blog...
I am now in Tallinn... got here one month ago... I guess you were here very recently, a friend of yours that I've met in Levist told me (a french guy, sorry I can't remember his name, Levist...).. I also realize you know João Caridade, my friend... same classe in uni at Caldas... I have been to others volunteers place (at Mustamae), e your name is there on the map, representing Oporto...
Just wanna tell you that I like to read you... and that you are still present here in Tallinn... and that the world is very small.. and Estonia even more!!



how sweet, cute and important is that, hum?!!?!? htis comment made me feel really good. it made me think that if one person remembers me, thean someone else may remember all of us!! We are still present, still there!! Even if they broke the wall at Lasname, we are still in the walls of Mustamae!! =)
i really need to share this!
musi musi

Friday, 18 September 2009

Some summer memories:)

Tere tere!
I feel a bit embarrassed for being that late with my post, but I always think about you all, and wanted to put here few pictures from my vacation trip in August. I was travelling with my brother, which was nice since we were alone in Spain.
It was nice to see Barcelona and it was so hot comparing to Estonia ;), but I must say that Paris was my favorite part of the trip, because I had chance to meet all the people I missed and Amelie and Jonathan were the best hosts you can wish for.
So to put it short: Barcelona was hot and Paris was friendly and tasty :).

Estonian cheese party in Perrine's flat )))
Crepes for ever:)))
No comments ;)
Siesta time in Parc Guell
Last evevning in Barcelona :).
I hope you all are doing great and hope to see more of you next summer.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Summer is almost over for you european people, but for me, it's just starting....

Tere tere loving people,
how are you??
A little post to give you some news about my south america trip. After spending 2 months in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, lost into the wild, 4 hours horsing in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, as you can guess, we're now in Peru, in Chachapoyas, visiting the area of the clouds' people... It's an amazing country: people are so nice and so welcoming, landscapes are so beautiful, and the way of life so different. The life seems so easy, there are no rules for nothing, no bus stop, no timetables, no traffic law, no real roads........ Lee, i'm thinking about you quite often: you hate travelling by bus, but here, you don't have any other choice, and the minimun to join 2 cities, is, at least, 7 hours..... especially in the north, because it's not touristic at all, so, nothing is done!!! But whatever, i'm really spending so nice moments and it's difficult to say my feelings right now, because, i'm like in a whirl....... But i'm thinking about all of you.....
If you wanna see some pictures, let's go on
Next stop will be in Iquitos, amazonia, the only city where you can go only by boat on the amazon river, there is no road!!!!!
Musi musi to everyone,
And see you...............

Monday, 7 September 2009

a week in Tallinn

tere tere

I just realized i haven't told you or showed you how was my week in Tallinn, in the end of August (thanks for reminding Kê)!
So, Of course my week was just great! I stayed over Thomas', got a chance to meet his lovely building and flat mates! I also realized that Hansa Pank doesn't exist anymore (it's SwedBank now), most of the food has the same price, Hell Hunt is exactly the same (even the pasta with smoked salmon tastes the same) and Levist is not the same, anymore (because of the dance floor and the 2 new toilets!)!

so, I leave you here with some pictures, just a few! I must confess that I took few few pictures during my week. the truth is I didnt feel like a tourist, shooting at everything. and altough I did not feel like a local (but I never ever did), i felt I was back home, after a long abset period! Kristiina contibuted to this feeling by picking me up at the airport with a nice Saku Ice bottle with a "Welcome home" sticker on it!! =)

this is the new monument to Estonian Freedom, set on Vabaduse Valjak! Finally the square is really a square, not a parking lot anymore! the opening was on August 20th, just one day after i arrived in Tallinn! Vabaduse looks really nice, now!

oh I missed those!!!

a sound installation I saw in Kumu! Yes I went there! And to Kadriorg, Kalamaja, Pirita, Baltijam... around the city centre, a lot! didnt go to the suburbs nor out of Tallinn!!

so, some of you migth be wondering who wrote some oriental stuff on the post cards you got... Well, Qho did! this nice south corean boy was living upstairs Thomas flat! We spend a lot of time together, as he was leaving Tallinn the same day I did. funny and smart, Qho was also able to cook very well, as you can see, and send you all best wishes!!

so, you all remember Margo (on the left), Maris' brother! He and Thom are not sharing the flat anymore, but they still live in the same building, just next door! This nice girl is the new flatmate of Thomas! Her name is Inga, and she is Estonian, from Tallinn! She is funny, smart and talkative!! A really nice girl, always ready to help, and very sweet! Oh! her name is Inga!!

so, there is Lena and Rocio (Thom's butterfly)!! One of the best things about this trip was meeting Rocio (and seeing Lena again, of course!). the thing is that I am very happy to finally meet this girl that makes Thom so happy! She is damn nice!! I couldn't believe!! They make such a nice couple, so sweet and funny! This was the most positive thing: to see our friends are doing great, to know that Thom has fopund the love and that the love has found him!!

remember the kitchen parties?? so, we had one! It was a Lee and Qho fareweel small party that ended up in Levist (like all other nights I was in Tallinn)! at Thom's kitchen there were people from Portugal, France, S.Corea, Spain, Ukrain, Estonia, Japan and Finland!!! Some things never change!!

oh yes!! I was there as well!! Just in case someone doubted!!
I had a great time!!! for sure!! Thanks to Thom, Kristiina, Lena, Rocio, Qho and everyone I met there (again or for the first time!)
oh! I would like to read or see something about your vacations as well!!
Musi musi

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Going abroad...

tere lovely people.
i'll leave the usual apologies out and just write a short post about life in berlin.
i'm leaving the country in less than 3 weeks. i'm going to Stockholm untill january to contine my studies at Södertörns Högskola in south stockholm. it's the beginning of my 3rd university year already, i can't believe we left estonia two years ago already. sometimes i hate time for passing so quickly. ;)
i am very excited, but also a bit afraid because i know it's not going to be like in estonia. i will live with many many other erasmus-students, but not even two hundred of them could ever substitute the eesti family.
so anyways, if you have never been to sweden, i think now would be a good time. ;)
i will also do an internship at my university, so i will be busy, but i can always take some time off and i think i will have many visitors from berlin anyways.
i love you and i think about all of you a lot.
i will try to write more often when i'm in sweden (as usually)
musi, kalli.


Saturday, 18 July 2009

A piece of news

Tere tere!

It s me, Gigi :D Just wanted to say hello and share a bit of news with all of you! Although in Greece summer is wonderful (just remember the big hit "summer in Greece" that I introduced you when in Estonia :D) I m getting more and more busy these days and I dont enjoy so much our great sea... Till end of July I ll be working with my professor on my thesis and then in August and September I have to find the courage to write it.... I have to do it now, cause in November I m joining the army :) Yes, from November on for 8 months I ll serve my military service so I have to finish with everything before that.... :)
I hope you enjoy the summer... Miss you all


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Some pictures about my trips !!

Tere tere

As I promise to Lee thursday I put some picture about my holidays in Europa...
I just want to say that Barcelona and Tallinn were very nice. I enjoyed both of my trips as much as I could.
The fisrt one to Barcelona was a bit to hot for me but anyway, I walk a lot during the day and saw my sister the evening. I don't want to put to much picture because Lena will go there in August and I don't want she knows all before going there... :-)

A nice view from the montain near Barcelona.

Gaudi's style

And for my trip to Estonia, it was very very nice to see Tallinn again ( you will see Lee, it's so good to come back there). I went there with Perrine and Pierre (from Parkla) and we sleep in Thomas's home.

The parad before Laulupidu

Do you know someone on the picture ? A group picture for Kelig :

Tansupidu in Kalev's stadium
And The Laulupidu :I will post some other pictures and comment quite soon.
Take care of you, enjoy your summer and travel a lot !!
Musi musi to all of you and much more to Lee

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

a new chapter of my life

tere tere everyone;

i am very sorry for being so absent here... but this time I do have a good good reason! well, it is not good, at all, but you will undrestand. My mum has been diagnosed a cancer, 2 weeks ago. As you can imagine my life gave a 360º loop, with no net underneath! I shut down my personal blog, for lack of time. and all the free time i have now I spend it in the hospital, where she is staying.
i was a bit relkutant about posting this information on the web, but I rather do it here, than sending an e-mail to each and every person. I really felt the need to share this with you, cause we may not see or talk to each other for quite a long time, but I do feel you as my close friends. and for this, i need to feel you support, to know that you care, that you are there for me! the help of my portuguese friends has been great, but I feel my heart is lacking something, and this is the armastus of my eesti family!
i need to get back to work now. i am sorry to drop this information without any preparation on you... but, i was really in the need to share it... and I would also like to have some news about everyone! The german girls... Aude and Perrine, how was Laulupidu? GG and Chri, what's up? russian speakers readers of this blog: show your selves!! Ben, Ben... where are you? Thomas, and the rest of the people still in Eesti... this is the time when i would really aprreciate a word from you guys! Love you

musi musi

(PS - untill anything in contrary, my trip to Estonia is still ok. i am not planning on giving it up)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

l'm not dead, at least not yet :) (part two)

Ciao my friends!!!!!!
do you remember of me? l m that lazy italian ex-volunteer in that cold country in the north of europe called Estonia l guess :)
how start....well in april l had two surgery operation at the sacral bounce, the second one was to cure the damnage of the first one :S but it s done and I dont want think about it. As you may know l m involved in politcal activity here and in june we had municipality election, so l was candidate and l had a nice experience because to campaign l went into the house of the people promoving myself, our political project etc....really nice experience. we didn t win of course hehehehehehehe, actually we knew that's why our target was just to get a representant in the oposition and we did!!!!!!!! and l had a really good score, 68 people voted directly for me!!!!!! l was the first elected on my list, actually l was the sourprise of this election because l was the youngest candidate and l had a lot of votes heheheheheh yes I m happy about it :)
so now l have just to write this thesis...pffff
on the second of july l ll go to spain for 15 days, I have to look after a gropu of teenagers whos is going there for a studying-holiday...and in august I ll do the same but in notthingam where l hope to meet roobin hood.
so l wish you all the best and a lot of kisses from italy.....always in my heart and my mind!!!!!!!!!!
love you!!!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tere tere loving people!!

Hope everybody is fine with the summer coming...... In brittany, it's raining cats and dogs (thanks Lee :-) ) since 5 days now!!!

Whatever, just to give you some news: I'm back to france since the beginning of may, and i'm preparing my next trip for.......... South America!!! Departure the 27th of june.
And so, with Mimie, we made a blog (and you can be proud of us because we are quite shitty usually with internet, computers, and stuffs, but, we managed quite well and the blog is open!!)

So, if you want to follow our trip and adventures in south america, you can log in Of course; it will be mostly in french (but pictures are universal), but i promise you that i will put english posts sometimes, for sure......

So have fun and enjoy your life everytime and everywhere, and let's see each other in september 2010 in Greece...


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

mini-EVS meeting in Paris!!

Tere tere people

As you may know I just spent some days in France! I was in Paris just for one day and 2 nights and then Kêlig took me to this amaizing green and sunny place called Brittany!!

so, in Paris, we had a mini-EVS meeting! As you can see (in the only picture I have...) we gathered Amelie, Katha, Perrine (from Pahkla), Jonathan, me and Kêlig! was sooooooo nice! we had nice fondue dinner and then some beers in Amelie Poulain's coffe place! we even had a last beer close to the Moulin Rouge for just something like 140 EEK!!! eh eh eh
in that fondue restaurant we even found some Eesti bank notes!!

and then, next day, we moved to Brittany!! so, we made a 400 km trip, up north! On the way, i must say that I saw more cows than ever!! they are everywhere!! so, we went for a visit in

Mont Saint Michel, beautifull place!! Maybe you will remember because it was the desktop image of Aude's laptop! yes??

we then spent a evening in Rennes, where Mimie, Aude and Jessy joined us! it was a nice place, but, my favourite part of this trip (along with the EVS meeting) was Kelig's place!! I was amazed with the green beautifull sea, the triangular roof houses made of stone... you should go to St. Malo, if you can! It's lovely!

so, there we are: Ke, Mimie, Aude and me! oh, and our friend wind was there too!!
we had really nice time there, eating good stuff all the time!! Kêlig was a good guide to his own city and I guess we were the first visits he received...

and after the Baltic Sea, we had to try the "Mancha Sea"!
during these days, together with Aude and Kêlig, we were thinking about where we would like to go for our next EVS meeting... and, we think that it could be really really nice to visit Georgios in Patra!! i guess most of the people have never been in Greece, and maybe we can have a cheap meeting blessed with good weather... so, what do you think about this??

i leave you with this song, that could be our motto: "Universal traveller"!!
see you soon somewhere!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Happy birthday LAURA

I'm so sory but I forgot your birthday.
I hope you spent a very nice day and you had a lot of present !!
How are you ? What are you doing, still studing scandinavian cultur ?
What are you plan for next year ?

For me all is GOOD, I just took my plane ticket to Tallinn.
I will come for Laulupidu with Perrine. We will arrive the 27th of June around 14:20.
I hope all of you will come.

Have a nice time in you country and see you soon

Musi musi


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

"good luck" flower

maybe you don't know but my work at the hospital stopt last friday.
Don't be sade for me, I already found an other job...
Ok it's only for one week but it's always money !
My new job is cutting muguet or Lily of Valley. You know the little flower you can only buy the 1° of may.
In France it's a "good luck" flower.
The work is not that nice but it's outside and the weather is very nice so all is good for me !!

Hope to ear about you soon and to see you too
Musi musi


Friday, 10 April 2009


All the best for your birthday!!! May all your wishes come true and may all your enemies have bad acne ;-)

Hopefully you're doing well and are still able to party a bit on your birthday although it's "Good Friday" ! Because here in Germany ALL the clubs are closed and there's no dancing allowed (don't I live in a developed and liberal country?).

Musi, Barbara

Monday, 6 April 2009

Happy Birthday Lena!

I m a bit late, but my wishes are true :D A very happy happy birthday to you Lena, hope you are doing fine in Tallinn and the preparation of the youth exchange with Armenian youth is not too annoying :D



Friday, 27 March 2009

My trip to Kêlig paradise !!

Tere tere,
All is fine for me and even more because i'm not working today !
As some of you know I was with Flavien in Switzerland.
I spent a great time there with Kelig, the snow and his wonderfull flat and balcony :-)

I post some pictures just for you...
...... to know how was Lesyn !!

Vevey, a little city near the Leman's lac

I hope my next trip will be in May in Saint Malo to see Lee and Kelig but i still don't know where I will be !
My work contrat is only until the 20th of April and after I don't know yet what i will do.
Maybe holidays, who knows......


Kêlig's balcony

The snow, the montains and again the snow....

Just an other one....
Musi musi and take care of you